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Role Models

A critical aspect in addition to the workshops is that we provide the students with the unique opportunity to interact with accomplished women who often come from similar backgrounds. Our incredible community of role models have contributed many volunteering hours and for this we are truly grateful. ITL specifically selects individuals from our network to participate on career panels and workshops. The students benefit from hearing the role models’ stories and how they have navigated through challenges to be the successful people they are today.

Role models help provide our students with exposure to a breadth of career paths and life journeys. In addition, they provide our students with the reassurance that it is possible to aim higher and to flourish as active members of society.

We are currently looking for more role models from various career sectors who can inspire our young people to greater achievement and help provide a valuable support system.

Do you want to become a role model and be a catalyst for change?


Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders partners with London-based schools to provide students with out-of-classroom experiences that will broaden their skillset, build their confidence, expose them to a breadth of career options and help foster a sense of community.

Are you a member of staff at a secondary/high school where many of the pupils are disadvantaged* and of African or African Caribbean heritage? Is your school interested in gaining access to our programmes? If the answer is yes, please contact us.

*Disadvantaged, defined as students eligible for free school meals.

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Statistics show that a large percentage of secondary school age African and Caribbean heritage pupils in the UK are at a clear disadvantage. This is the case when it comes to gaining access to adequate out of classroom educational and skill building activities, including those that will help them enter and excel in their future careers. By supporting ITL, you will be helping to narrow this gap.

Here is what your donation can do:

  • £25- £30 covers the cost of one student to attend an after-school workshop
  • £200 covers the cost of one student to attend the Conference
  • £500 will help cover the cost of a four-day internship for a student

Ways of Giving

Pay as you Earn: Payroll Giving is an easy way for those who pay UK income tax to give regularly to charity. Regular gift donations are deducted before tax, so that each £1 you give will only cost you 80p, or 60p if you are a higher rate taxpayer. For higher rate taxpayers, this is the only way to pass on your 40% or 45% tax to charities: other ways of giving recoup just 28%. 

Several companies offer corporate matching to match their employees’ charitable giving, sometimes by as much as 2:1, making a significant difference to the value of your gift at no extra cost to you.

Please contact your HR department for further information.